Mexico Express – Money Transfers

Attention We No Longer Offer Mexico Express Service We Apologize For The Inconvenience

Reymesa King Express Mexico Express

Need to send cash immediately to another country? Gold Exchange offers wire transfer services to Mexico, Central, and South America! We are an authorized Mexico Express, Reymesa, & King Express transfer company. Customers have the option of wiring money instantly to the recipients bank or by direct mail to their home. People choose our services because it’s fast, easy and reliable! Money Orders, Pictures, and Documents, can be sent by direct mail limit one pound per envelope. Typically the recipient can expect to receive their package between 1-3 business days.

Gold Exchange Offers Mexico Express & Reymesa Service

One of the many benefits of sending cash with Mexico Express is that if the recipient does not have a registered bank account, a money order can be mailed directly to their home. The service is fast, easy and all packages will arrive to their destinations within 1-3 business days. Here is a list of places we deliver to and expected delivery times:


  1. Michocan  (1 Day)
  2. Jalisco       (1 Day)
  3. Guanajuato (1 Day)
  4. Zacatecas (1 Day)
  5. Aguas Calientes (1 Day)
  6. Distrito Federal (2 Days)
  7. Nayarit (2 days)
  8. Estado De Mexico (2 Days)
  9. Colima (2 Days)
  10. San Luis Potosi (2 Days)
  11. The Rest Of Mexico (5 Days)


  1. Ciudad De Guatemala (2 Days)
  2. Quetzaltenango (2 Days)
  3. Rest Of Guatemala (5 Days)

Actual times may vary depending on pick up times