Check Cash

check cashNeed Your Payroll Check Cashed? We offer free check cashing service to all our active loan customers! One of the many benefits of being a customer of Gold Exchange are the perks that come with it. As long as you are an active loan customer, in good standing we will cash your Payroll Check, or California State Check free of charge.

Free Check Cash For Active Pawn Customers

Not an active loan customer? Not a problem, we will cash your payroll check for a small fee. Our fee’s are competitive and as an added bonus we will cash every 5th check for free!

If you decide to have your taxes prepared by one of our tax experts, we will cash your income tax refund check for a small fee. The average income tax refund is $1,500-$3,000, because of the large amount the funds may not be available immediately if you deposit your refund check into your personal bank account. The benefit of cashing your check is that you will have fast, instant access to your money!

Check Cashing Requirements:

  • Valid State Identification