Gold Update


Great news for gold investors! Gold market opens today at $1302. Within the last few months the priced of gold has dropped significantly. As the price begins to slightly rise many are wondering, How does this affect me? Well it all depends. If you own a good amount of gold jewelry, your investment just went slightly up. If you sold all your jewelry with the whole cash for gold craze now is a … [Read more...]

Apple iPad Retina

apple ipad retina

For Sale Apple iPad Retina 3rd Generation. In excellent condition! Screen is in mint condition no scratches. This is the wifi model, and has 16gb. Includes usb, no wall charger. Comes with the latest IOS installed. Apple iPad Retina Priced To Sell $300! "like" our facebook page and receive an additional discount.     HightLights: Product Line: iPad 3rd Generation,9.7 … [Read more...]

Sony Vaio Laptop

sony vaio laptop

For Sale Sony Vaio Laptop in excellent condition, like new! T Series Ultra Book Aluminum Body 13.3 inch screen. Screen is in excellent condition no dead pixels, overall good cosmetic condition. Includes charger. Battery is in good shape charges up and holds charge for hours! Great laptop for High School or College student. Sony Vaio Laptop Priced To Sell $600   "like" our facebook page … [Read more...]

Apple Macbook Air

apple macbook air

For sale Apple Macbook Air includes charger! Laptop is in good cosmetic condition, screen is mint no dead pixels. Includes a fresh install of OSX Lion 10.7.5.  Everything works great. This is a good laptop for a student, light and compact. Great battery life, holds charge and last for hours. "like" our facebook page and receive a free carrying case!     Apple Macbook Air Priced … [Read more...]

Macbook Pro Laptop


Priced to sell! Apple Macbook Pro Laptop 13" in excellent condition. Laptop has been tested and is fully operational. Screen is in mint condition no dead pixels. Battery is in good shape holds charge and last hours! 13 inch screen, Mid 2010 version. Has  super drive cd & dvd burner! Please note this laptop has an "AZERTY" layout keyboard. The standard keyboard layout is "QWERTY". Refer … [Read more...]

Laptops And Tablets On Sale This Holiday Season


Get the hottest laptops and electronics this Holiday Season at the Gold Exchange Pawn Shop! We have the latest brands at low prices! Sales List Apple (Macbook Air, iMac, iPads) Sony Vaio Laptops Tablets (Android, Nook, Kindle Fire, Nexus, Galaxy) LED Tv's Canon Digital Cameras Game Consoles (XBox 360, PS3, Wii, DS) Power Tools and much more.. Need Cash? Don't worry we … [Read more...]

How To Tell If Gold Is Real


With the price of current price of gold many people in todays economy are cashing out their gold jewelry .  Many of our first time visitors are often quite shocked when they come to the realization that their jewelry is not gold. Many jewelry stores at the mall or larger department store advertise a beautiful ring and in large font write 14k Fine Gold and in small print write Gold … [Read more...]

Benefits Of Using A Pawn Shop


With the popularity of reality Tv shows such as Pawn Stars, Hardcore Pawn, and now Beverly Hills Pawn, many people are wondering what are the benefits of using a pawn shop? Pawn Shops are a great way to get fast cash in a time of need. You will receive cash in exchange for your collateral. You will then have a time frame to redeem your property. Once you are ready to redeem you will pay back … [Read more...]

Get Cash Today


Summer is right around the corner! Get cash today! Plan your summer get away! Gold Exchange is always paying top dollar for gold jewelry! Get instant cash for your old Gold, Silver, & Platinum jewelry! We are conveniently located one block from the popular Pacific Blvd on Florence Ave. Here is a list of items we are looking to buy, as usual you can expect to receive the highest pay … [Read more...]

Google Android Tablet Sale


Android 4.0 Tablets Wifi + 3g Sale! On Sale Now $150 Browse the web, check your email, skype with your family and friends! Tech Specs are as follows: 7" Glass Display OS Google Android 4.0 4gb Built in Hard Drive (Expandable to 32gb with mini sd card) 1.3 mp front and rear camera Wifi and 3g Support Watch Movies, Listen To Music, Take Pictures, and much more... Google … [Read more...]